World Marriage Day

Published February 26, 2010 by Our Lady of the Angels in Pastor's Corner

Dear Parishioners,

Next weekend we will be celebrating World Marriage Day. During our liturgies we will be extending a blessing to all married couples. We encourage all couples to attend the Eucharist together next weekend. Bring your whole family to assist in the blessing.

Under the winter snow our parish continues to develop:

A group of some 20 interested parishioners met last Thursday to discuss a path forward for parish support. Among topics discussed were: Reaching out to less active registered members; A “Dream List” of ministry and social possibilities given sufficient support; Ways to increase financial support, including electronic contributions for those interested and the concept of “sacrificial contribution”. Attendees agreed to help gather email information to complete registration records over the next several weeks by a telephone effort. Father John reviewed the progress of the Parish campus project so far. More information will be available as we progress.

Today’s readings remind us that we are all part of the plan that God has for the world. All of us have a role to play in the transformation of the world into the Kingdom of God. Jesus asks each of us to take a step away from the absolute boredom and sinfulness of a selfish life and take a step into His Life and bring others along with us. This is the essence of stewardship, a.k.a. Agape love.

Unfortunately many people follow the fatalistic view of the ancient Greeks. They thought that everything was a huge cycle. Life would never get better. They believed that they had no control over the terrible things that happened in the world. Not only did they not try to be part of the solution, they thought that they were incapable of changing anything. They were people without hope. Today, more than ever we come upon people in school, at work, in the neighborhood, or wherever, who have given up on anything more to life than immediate self gratification. “Why bother to be good, or kind, or caring? What’s it going to get you?” they would argue. “Why bother with God?” they would question.

Like the Apostles, Jesus calls you and me to fish for these people. Some of them might be sitting in the pew next to you suffering silently due to situations beyond their control. He calls us to let people know that there is hope, infinite hope, and that Hope’s name is Jesus Christ. He calls you and me to proclaim the Good News, the Gospel: Life is Beautiful! Life is Eternal! Life is Jesus Christ! We live for Him and we witness His using us to make His Love Real in the world. And if only one person in our entire lives recognizes the Hope of the Lord due to something that you or I do, due to the way that you or I live, our lives would be a success. One is not enough for us, though. The more we give ourselves to Him, the more His Presence is multiplied for others, exponentially for you math whizzes.

We are reminded that in spite of our sinfulness we are good enough to promote the Kingdom of God because He makes us good enough. Our past sins are not important here. What is important is God’s grace. What is important is God’s burning desire to unite the world to Himself. FATALISM IS A DRUG OF DEATH, CHOOSE LIFE!!! Sincerely yours in Christ, Father John O’Leary

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