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Today’s readings focus our attention of Jesus’ ministry of healing. The first reading reminds us that his healings were a way of proclaiming the arrival of God’s kingdom, but they were also indications of Jesus’ love and concern for those who suffer, and especially for those whose illness excluded them from normal activities in society and daily life.

As we approach the anniversary of 9/11, I know that it is important to realize that since that day many have turned a “deaf ear” to God. For many God has become irrelevant and it shows in the many ways our society is now “sick”. This sickness which shows itself as fear and fatalism and an addiction to material things has taken a tremendous toll on our ability to live normal lives that are open to the grace of God.

Jesus continues offering His healing presence to us, especially in the Eucharist. I invite you to join with me and Fr. Cosme on Tuesday evening for a Mass of Remembrance and Healing for our country. We will pray that we (individually and as a country) may have “ears opened” to the voice of God and embrace the many healing blessings which He wants to grant us.

Next Sunday is the parish picnic. We have some new treats for all. Bring your favorite baked goods and dishes to celebrate the day.

 Thought: You cannot live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you. (John Wooden)

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