Pastors Corner – Nov. 28

Published December 2, 2010 by Our Lady of the Angels in Pastor's Corner

  It is no surprise to anyone that we are now beginning the most hectic, stressful and joyful time of the year. The “isms” of our society (materialism, consumerism, legalism, atheism and secularism) are truly “nippy at our heels” trying to distract us (and usually winning) from the true meaning of this great Season of Advent. Advent is a time of preparation for the coming of Christ, it is the beginning of a new Church year and a time to recommit ourselves to looking beyond the tinsel while being wise enough to follow the true Light of Christmas. The readings of Advent remind us that we are not “owed” a tomorrow and that we must be prepared to meet God today. In this holy season of Advent we are challenged to discern our spiritual readiness both in the present and for our everlasting life. I again encourage you, as a family and as a parish, to spiritualize your life with a sprinkling of soul nourishing activities. Celebrate at daily Mass, be cleansed in our Reconciliation Services, light with a hand-made Advent Wreath,  have a “Shepherd Experience” by taking time for adoration or take part in the “Jesse Tree” experience. The Jesse Tree is an invitation to understand Salvation History by reading and discussing the Readings of each day during Advent and then taking time to draw or create the different symbols of the Jesse Tree. It is appropriate to place it near the family Advent Wreath which is a reminder to pray prayers of gratitude and praise before the Throne of Grace. These spiritual disciplines along with participation in the Giving Tree Program will help you and your family to truly prepare a quiet and restful place in your spirit and in your homes. I know how busy everyone is but remember: Jesus was not to busy to share our journey, save us from sin and death and show us how to truly celebrate life. Please: take time to learn from the Master and be the living example of His message: “Peace on earth, good will toward all!!” PS: Don’t forget Christmas in Middle Township on Dec. 3rd. We need help with that and with outside decorations. Please call the Parish Center.

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