Pastors Corner – Nov. 20

Published November 20, 2011 by Our Lady of the Angels in Pastor's Corner

By now you have experienced the thrill of a new bulletin layout. There are still a few tweaks to make and we are doing our best to make it more readable and informative. Please take the time to read the whole bulle-tin, it is really the only way we can keep the whole parish informed. We also invite you to visit the web site and our Face book page. If you have a new email address, please share it with us.
This coming Thursday as you are will aware is Thanksgiving. What you might not know is that we celebrate by offering opportunities for prayer and fellowship. The Cape May Court House Ecumenical Prayer Service will be celebrated on Wednesday evening at Christ Gospel Church (the Love Center) on Rt. 9 in Burleigh. It will begin at 7:30 pm and last about an hour. This is always a wonderful time of prayer, great song and inspiring preaching. Please join us. As a parish we celebrate on Thanks-giving Day will morning Mass at 8 am and the blessing of food during Mass. One of the greatest gifts we have is the ability to give thanks, hope to see you there.
Good News: we have contracted to have the rugs in the Sacristy and Chapel replaced, this will be accomplished in the next few days. We will begin serious discussion about replacing the rugs in the Church as soon as this is finished. We are still several thousand dollars short of the monies needed and looking for ideas about fund/fun raisers to accomplish this very necessary task.

It is time we make our parish more visible and show parish family pride. We are going to be offering various articles with the parish name on them. However, we need a logo or coat of arms to put on the merchandise. We are offering a $100 prize to the best design to put on “our stuff”. Contest ends December 18th and the winning design will be shown on Christmas eve/day.

CHRISTMAS IN COURTHOUSE: There has been much confusion about the event this year and we feel that it is best to “sit this one out.” We certainly hope to be able to be involved next year. For those who wish the event will center around the old firehouse and area behind the Municipal Building.
FYI the scrip/gift card program raised over $15,000 last year with less than 120 parishioners regularly support-ing it. With each dollar you spend on the gift card we receive five cents. Those nickels really add up! Please join the program and pick some money for the parish off the scrip/gift card “money tree”. On your way to the store stop by the chapel and say a prayer and visit the office and purchase your cards.

Pray for the 177th Air Nat’l Guard on deployment.
Especially: Major Ed Dagney, Major Anthony Zinna, S/ST Thomas Capito, Peter Capito, Tho-mas Capito, Jr. Genny Nevil, Zach Houck, Mat-thew Martino, SPC P2C John Blount,Jr.
Pray for all our service men and women!

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