Published May 22, 2012 by Our Lady of the Angels in Pastor's Corner

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! This day, Pentecost Sunday, is the official beginning of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. It has gone through many changes and overcome innumerable scandals and heresies and so it will continue to survive and thrive because it is led by the Holy Spirit. This Spirit we all share in by virtue of our sacramental life. We listen to the scriptures today and know that the Church was not born meekly but with a mighty wind and flame. In our first birthday, candles were not extinguished and people did not sing Happy Birthday. What did occur is that a mighty wind but brought to life to life an ember of faith and made it burn brightly for all the world to see. The universal song of “Happy Birthday” became the glorious experience of “Speaking in Tongues” so that all the world could together experience the love of God. The birthday gifts of that first celebration were not physical gifts but the outpouring of the 7 spiritual gifts and 12 charismatic gifts of the Spirit. All these are still with us today waiting to be unwrapped and used for the blessing of others. Today (Sunday) I am privileged to celebrate my 34th anniversary of Ordination. I would like to just take a moment to thank you for being such a vital part of my priesthood. When I was ordained I really did not know how to be a priest, the people of Wildwood formed me in that capacity. When I came to you I had some experience as pastor but the “Pastor” role is a reflection of the blessings coming from the parish in which he servers. I thank you for your support and prayers and for struggling and rejoicing with me during these past seven plus years. We have accomplished much together but there is still so much more to our God’s vision for us. I pray that we will continue to move forward and to answer the challenge of today’s scriptures. The challenge is to recognize and celebrate the fact that we all share in the priesthood of Jesus Christ. We are each gifted in plentiful and unique gifts that make us the living stones that are responsible for the spread of the Good News. Let us all rejoice and be glad for the favors of the Lord are never exhausted, they are renewed each day. Jesus also reminds us that our greatest hunger and the one that so often is neglected is the spiritual hunger for His Body and Blood. There is no need to be on a starvation diet, try to get to mass at least one other time a week and join in other parish activities and really see how good you feel. FYI: Fr. Cosme will not be joining us for our “grand gala” on June 10th. His mother is dying and he has returned to the Philippines to be with her. Please keep Fr. Cosme and his family in prayer during this very difficult time. I will keep you posted. This is Memorial Day weekend, please remember in your prayers all those who have died to keep us free and all those who will die in the future protecting us from the ravages of terrorism. Keep your eyes open and your hands folded. God Bless!!

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