PASTOR’S CORNER March 28, 2012

Published April 2, 2012 by Our Lady of the Angels in Pastor's Corner

Today is Palm/Passion Sunday. I just seemed to sneak up on us as did the Jesus that suddenly appeared in Jerusalem and nothing in the world would ever be the same. Did you ever notice that leading up to Christmas we have three months of shopping, a month of Christmas Carols and thousands of dollars in bills but for Easter there is relatively little expense? Perhaps this is because Jesus is our REDEEMER and has saved us from all the commercialism and materialism of a worldly existence. The “cost” of Easter is what is really most precious to us, our TIME. Through His death and resurrection Jesus has made “time” stop so that we can take a breath and remember the gift of abundant life which he won for us. This is why the coming week is called “Holy Week”. Each day is an opportunity to walk with Jesus during this most intense and blessed time of our year. It is our invitation to grow in holiness.

Often I hear that Mass is boring or uneventful or always the same. This is both a blessing and a curse. Holy Week however is a time of festival and pageantry, of smells and bells. It is different, it is new life, excitement, awe inspiring and humbling. And so I again remind you of the events of this coming Holy Week. Please check the bulletin for the details and remember this week is truly the celebration of our Faith and any effort you make to attend these spiritually renewing celebrations will be rewarded many times over.

If you are coming to Holy Thursday Mass please bring a canned good for the poor. Everyone is going to be asked to participate in the Offertory Procession. On Good Friday I will again be blessing everyone in attendance with the Relic of the True Cross, many experienced healing and a sense of peace through this devotion, please come and pray through the day with us beginning at Noon. This year I hope to also bless everyone with a relic of St. Veronica’s veil. Tenebrae will be celebrated on Friday evening. Holy Saturday of course is the culmination of our Catholic Christian existence. It is a two hour Festival of Life in which we experience the fullness of God’s desire to reach out and embrace us in love.

How can anyone be too busy for this Holy Week Gift of Life? If you are can there be anything more deadly? Think about it!

An ancient Father said: “To meet God is to enter the cave of a tiger, it’s not a pussycat we meet. The realm of God is a mysterious and Holy Place; you must want to enter it and not just seek information about it.” When we meet God in that inner place we begin to change. God’s love is blocked by one thing – that is when we take ourselves for more than we really are. Our love is then self-centered and cannot bring life. Journey well!!!

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