PASTOR’S CORNER June 26, 2012

Published June 26, 2012 by Our Lady of the Angels in Pastor's Corner

LET FREEDOM RING!! As we celebrate our nation’s decision to be free we are reminded in our daily Scriptures that true peace is not the absence of war but the decision to live in the Will of God and celebrate his message of love and forgiveness no matter what the cost. Historians tell us that 1/3 of the colonists supported the Revolution, 1/3 supported the British Crown and 1/3 remained neutral. Colonial casualties were 7,200  dead in battle, 8,500 dead in British prisoner of war camps and 10,000 dead from disease and exposure, the British suffered 10,000 deaths. These 1/3 (men, women and children) gave everything for the cause of freedom. In a world marked by complacency and abuse of freedom a few forced the masses make a decision. So it has always been in our quest to maintain these freedoms which have been a hallmark of American society and virtue.

Since the revolution that we celebrate, hundreds of thousands of Americans have laid down their lives for the cause of liberty and truth They were able to shake off the stultifying power of complacency and make a difference, so too we are encouraged to do the same for our faith and our faith community.

Perhaps one of the messages that we can take home with us from our Scriptures is that we often give up too easily. We often fail to follow through on the commitments we make and tend to listen to the voices of the world that tells us to do whatever we must to please ourselves and that commitments to others are not really important. Yet, these commitments are part of that foundation for which Jesus died, they create the house of living stones. Every commitment is a stone, every stone helps to hold up a wall, every wall helps to keep away the Satan’s spirit of complacency – the destroyer of true freedom – all those things that seek to destroy our will and tear down our spirits. It is only when faith – the commitment that we make to God – is the basis of the foundation of our lives that we will be able to withstand the storms that are sure to come our way. Think about how strong “your house of faith” and how you can defend “our house of faith” and then take steps to reinforce it even more!

As a parish, a diocese and a country we will continue praying the Patriotic Rosary for the gift of true freedom and the conversion of our country. Die to “complacency” and join us every evening including July 4th.  In Jesus’ name I thank you!!


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