PASTOR’S CORNER June 18, 2013

Published June 18, 2013 by Our Lady of the Angels in Pastor's Corner

Our thanks to Violet, Judy and their “Scrip” team. Our average monthly “pickings” from this “money tree” is about $1000.   Please support this program, it is totally free money for the parish and an easy way to help pay down our debt. You buy a scrip card and we get 5% back for the parish. For more information or to help please contact Sandy or Maryann at the parish center.

A reminder – Every Second Sunday is “Debt Reduction Sunday”. Again we are asking all parishioners (both summer and full time) to donate $30 a month is help defray our parish debt. This can be done by buying $600 worth or scrip every month, donating $30 or a combination of both. I cannot stress enough the importance of this endeavor for our present and future growth.

If you are a fan of the “Ghostbuster” movies, you will remember the river of slime that ran under New York City and was fed by all the negativity that seeped in from above. The Ghost Busters discovered that if they played light, happy music the slime became positive and could be used for good. Certainly an interesting idea and perhaps many of us feel that we have been “slimed” more times than we care to count. This week we celebrate the Feast of the Birth of John the Baptist. Scriptures reminds us that sin is a negativity that affects every part of our lives. John the Baptist was the most powerful witness to the effects of sin and challenged people to renounce sin and recognize the “Lamb of God” present in their midst. It is the same message for us today and the same solution. The solution as scripture reminds us is simple: – PTL – Praise the Lord in all things!!! The more we praise and thank God for the blessings we have received and the more we recognize His loving hand in all good things, the better we feel and the more we are able to appreciate, love, forgive and be generous to one another. This is true freedom. It is the ability to die to self so that we can focus in on the bigger plan that God has for all His people and our small but very significant roles in His perfect plan.

Four times this past week the daily scriptures told us of the early Church making sacrificial donations to help others, sometimes hundreds of miles away. This made the local Church strong and bonded people to Christ. Our House of Charity does the same thing. It breaks the bonds of sin, makes us stronger as a community of faith and releases the Good News of Jesus Christ. To date we have collected $61,000. Thank you!!

Trivia: The real reason ostriches stick their heads in sand is to search for water. We just have to come to Church. Blessings!!!

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