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Today’s Gospel takes place the day after the events were heard about last Sunday. Last Sunday we heard about the multiplication of loaves. In today’s Gospel the people who had been fed search for Jesus. They really don’t want Him. They want free food. Jesus uses this as an opportunity to speak about the food that really matters, the Bread of Life that God provides. He tells them about a gift of food that they knew very well, the manna in the desert during the time of Moses. This was seen as the greatest gift of God. It was His daily testimony of His love and care for His People until they arrived at the Holy Place He would give them. Jesus mentions that they ate the manna, but they were still hungry. Jesus would provide food that would not leave them hungry, the Bread of Life. So we come before the Lord this and every Sunday, or perhaps for some of us, every day, and we say to the Lord, “Feed me.” But do we really want to be fed? The food that God gives demands a total commitment to Him. It is called the Bread of Life. We often, rightly so focus on the “bread” part as we discuss the Eucharist. It is the “life” part I want you to consider today. It is the spiritual life that we receive at our Baptism and which remains after our physical death. The Bread Jesus gives nourishes this life, helps us grow stronger spiritually and more powerful in the battle for the Kingdom of God. Receiving this bread is a commitment to the life. When we go to communion we are bound by the Presence within us to live His Life in a way that gives evidence of His Life in the world. For the committed Catholic, religion is not a sometimes affair, not a once a week happening. For us religion means being bound to Christ. The very word religion comes from the Latin work ligare which means to be bound. Our faith is who we are, people bound to Christ. With this in mind, next weekend we begin our Triduum in honor of Mary as our parish patroness. We will have many spiritual and social events to show our commitment our being “bound” to God. See you there!! Fr. Cosme will be returning on August 9th, please keep him in your prayers.

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