PASTOR’S CORNER July 11, 2012

Published July 11, 2012 by Our Lady of the Angels in Pastor's Corner

We have welcomed Fr. Cosme with prayerfully opened arms and he has returned the blessings. However as our journey begins Fr. Cosme had to return home to the Philippines to see to his mother and her impending death. Most of us know how hard it is to say “goodbye” to a loved one especially a parents but when they are 24 hours by plane away it is all the more difficult. Fr. Cosme will return to us sometime in the middle of August. Please keep him and his family in your prayers. In conjunction with this we will not restart the Wednesday Peace Mass until September.

I found in interesting that as I saw Fr. Cosme off this morning (Wednesday) he was traveling very light and he was very focused on the task at hand. So it is with the readings this week. The Gospel pictures Jesus conducts a  kind of an airport security check, or better, insecurity check.

At airports travelers are examined as to their carrying anything of a dangerous nature to the plane or fellow passengers. Jesus is examining His followers for anything that would be harmful to their freely assisting Jesus in His healing those who have been injured or sick. Jesus strip-searches them for anything they would be relying on for their supporting personal frailty or fears. No “back-up” tunics or “sacks” of money to be trusted for their gaining positions of power. They are given authority, which is an interior sense rather than an outward credential. They seem to want to go and we hear that they were quite successful.

Amos, Jesus and His apostles seemed to have a freedom from externals, because of what they had inside them to share. Their authority was what they had received rather than what was going to assist their need to be productive. They had to say and do what was in them and the more direct and difficult the message, it seems the more they had to say it. They had and they were the message.

Jesus was more interested in the healing, recovery and aliveness of others. Amos was more interested in how God was calling Israel back to life. We, as with the Apostles, are invited by our relationship with Jesus, to go to confront what is not life and to be more involved with how the other or others will look, rather than how we will.

“Did somebody say that following Jesus was easy?!!!” Travel well and travel light!!


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