Pastor’s Corner Jan. 8, 2013

Published January 11, 2013 by Our Lady of the Angels in Pastor's Corner

It is impossible today to read the papers or listen to the radio or even to engage in conversation without the inevitable “did you hear?”, usually referring to some bad news. Our Faith reminds us that wherever ‘evil’ exists, ‘grace’ abounds all the more and the Scriptures of this week challenge us to be people of ‘good’ news. Much of this revolves around what we believe. Do you believe that God actually speaks to you in ways you can understand? Samuel and Eli did and God’s graces flowed through them! Do you believe that God has a definite plan to purify you so that you can listen?

St. Paul and John the Baptist certainly did and their challenges reach across the ages to demand that we reject the immorality of the world and realize that our bodies do not belong to us but to God and you are been purchased at a great price. This is the meaning of the Baptism of the Lord. Jesus took on the sins of the world and in doing so gave us the means, through the sacramental life of the Church to be free of sin.

Living this message brings deep peace and total freedom from the fears of the world. Do you believe that Jesus is really the Messiah? If so then your life must reflect this redemptive love and we must imitate Jesus himself. If not, than the Scripture today (Thursday) is the ongoing fulfillment prophesized to this present generation: “they shall never enter into my rest”. Believe Jesus when he says: “Come, and you will see”, for the wonders He wishes to reveal to you are truly ‘out of this world.’ For example:

Last weekend Tommy Doyle gave a witness at the 8 and 9:30 masses that had to do with God calling him to minister to a village in Haiti. He began by telling us that the first request came from a pastor he knows in Haiti asking Tom send money to take care of some of the children in the orphanage. In Faith, Tom sent $100. In prayer Tom was told to invite others to share him missionary journey and he would blessed abundantly for his obedient service. Tommy came to us and a few other people and asked for help. His gift of $100 turned into $6100, 300 sets of Rosary Beads a plane ticket to Haiti and a week’s vacation in West Palm. I know that he is hearing: “This is my beloved child in whom I am well pleased!!” Blessings!!!

Just in: Bishop Galante is retiring and Bishop Dennis Sullivan from New York will be taking his place. As I learn more so will you.

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