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You will no doubt sense a holy difference in the Church this weekend. This is the power of the forgiveness of God. On Wednesday we celebrated a Communal Penance Service and yesterday thirty one of our children celebrated the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time. Each day you have the option of being touched by the mercy and love of Jesus whose Transfiguration we experience this weekend. GO TO CONFESSION!!!!

Our readings this week reflect the necessity of separating ourselves from worldly desires that interfere with our ability to know, love and serve the Lord. On Tuesday we celebrated the feast day of St. Barbatus who was the Bishop of Benevento in the late 600’s. St. Barbatus spent his life fighting against superstitions that clouded peoples minds to the blessing of God. The word “benevento” means “good wind” or “fresh breath” and at first the people rebelled against St. Barbatus almost to the point of his death. He persisted in the truth and eventually the area was cleansed of this great sin. In our own lives we have many superstitions that come into our lives the turn our breath (words) to evil and deny the primacy of God in our lives. Lent is a wonderfully time to reflect on our lives and make healthy choices that bless the community and ourselves.

OOPS! I miss-led you about the days of Lent. The 40 days of Lent extend from Ash Wednesday through Holy Saturday not through Palm Sunday. Sundays are excluded from the number because they are always a day of celebrating the goodness and God.

I again remind you about fasting. It is not enough just to give up something for Lent. The idea is that we give a time and monetary value to that which we are giving up. So if you are giving up soda for example,  you should add up how much you are saving by not drinking the soda and give it to charity, likewise the time you spent drinking soda should be re-assigned to doing good works or doing something spiritual (reading the bible).

St. Paul reminds us that our real citizenship is in heaven, make sure you are on the right road!! Jesus gives us the formula: prayer, fasting and almsgiving.

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