Pastors Corner – Dec. 5th

Published December 7, 2010 by Our Lady of the Angels in Pastor's Corner

FYI: Things are more expensive this Christmas. In fact the cost of the “12 Days of Christmas” has gone up 10.8% and it will now cost you $100,000 for those little gifts to put under the pear tree. It’s also no secret that the greatest gift we can give one another has already been paid for. The “redeemer” Jesus Christ, has already paid the price of our eternal redemption and given us the true “gift of peace” that the world cannot give and doesn’t even recognize. The only glitch is that we have to “pick it up.” Again I invite you to “come rejoicing” to the Altar of the Lord as often as you can and take part in the many Advent opportunities that our parish offers.

As Christians we are in the Advent Season, waiting and preparing for the Lord. Our Christmas Season begins on Christmas Day and continues until the Baptism of the Lord. I always find it interesting that so many are trying to take “Christ” out of Christmas, maybe it is time for us all to do that very thing. It seems to make so much more sense to put Christ and mass back into our homes and daily living where He wants to be rather than in the malls, shopping, decorations and fakery that take the Spirit of Christmas out of Christmas. By the time Christmas Day is over we are soooo finished with the Spirit of Christmas when we should be just beginning. This year I encourage you to look past the materialism of the season and celebrate Christmas Tide rejoicing for those twelve glorious days that are our “Christmas Season”.

Mary and Joseph prepared, not with hustle and bustle, but with prayer, thanksgiving and time together as a family. When Jesus was born they were spiritually prepared and ready to celebrate His coming. As I put up my Christmas Decorations during Advent, something I really enjoy, I will offer prayers for you and your families. I will pray that your Advent preparation helps you to recognize and welcome the Christ Redeemer who is the bringer of the greatest gifts that take a lifetime to unwrap.


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