Published December 22, 2012 by Our Lady of the Angels in Pastor's Corner

I was going to wish everyone a “Merry Christmas” but that hardly seems the right greeting in our present day and age so how about: “Have an Awe-Full” Christmas.” We have been hearing and seeing Christmas advertisements since August and now the event is upon us, are you ready? I don’t mean shopping and decorating and cooking. Are you ready for Christ? The prophecies of old foretold the coming of the Christ but few took notice of the “signs of the times” and thus missed the great event. For those who were privileged to be part of that first Christmas their lives were changed forever. The “awe” of the encounter with the Holy Family, strange lights and Heavenly Choruses filled their lives and caused them to change direction so that they could “Go to Bethlehem and See”. The event of Christ’s birth was supposed to be and continues to be an occasion that upsets people’s lives, forcing believers to change the focus of their lives and see beyond the purely material.

We live in a world increasing hostile to the message of Christ. Look around, how often do you see or hear the word “Christmas?” Today it is Happy Holidays, and Festival Trees, Holiday sales, etc., etc, etc., anything to be politically correct distract us from the enormity of the gift that Jesus brought into our sinful world. His is the gift of Eternal Light, the reality of Forgiveness and the hope of Eternal Life. I praise God that you are have participated in the Eucharist today for it is the greatest gift given to us by the Living and Loving Creator who knows we are in desperate need of true refreshment.

Congratulate yourself on hearing the call and “coming to see” and “deciding to stay”. May your Christmas be truly “awe-filled” and may Jesus upset your life every day with His love and challenge to live and share the “abundant life” He offers. Why do I wish this? Simply because Jesus Christ has come and is so wonderfully present to those who stop and listen. He is purifying His Church, the new Ark of the Covenant, the New Jerusalem. All the prophetic signs are in place and the Lord God is hearing the “Cry of the Poor”. Let this Holy Season be your time to respond positively to the invitation to become Poor in Spirit so that you too will be numbered among the living whose names are written in the Book of Life. God Bless you!!

A number of years ago I heard a pastor explain to his parishioners that the parish was like a growing teenager: the expenses were endless but the benefits were unimaginable. This Christmas I implore you to treat the parish as a growing teenager. Your Christmas Donation will go far in keeping our parish clothed in the basic necessities and help us put away a little for all those unexpected expenses. Thank you for your generosity and you blessings to our parish.

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