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HO! HO! HO!  On this third Sunday of Advent, Gaudete Sunday – Sunday of Joy, we have reason to rejoice.  As a parish we have officially quadrupled in size! In 1954 when the parish was founded we were very small, less than 40 square miles. We went from Indian Springs Rd (Home Depot) north to Avalon Blvd, east to the back bay and west to Goshen Rd. The result was that in 2012 most of our parishioners lived outside the official canonical boundaries of our Lady of the Angels Parish. With the re-configuration of the parishes there was the realization that our parish boundaries had to reflect the reality of where people were worshipping. Last year I met with Fr. Soprano and Msgr. Joyce and we recommended that the boundaries of our parishes be officially changed. And so it came to pass!

Our parish now begins at Rt.83 in Dennis Township and extends South to Rt. 47 in Rio Grande, west to the Bay and east to the back bays behind Stone Harbor, Avalon and Sea Isle. These are canonical boundaries. Many of our parishioners still leave outside the official boundaries but this is not to be an area of concern. “Sheep stealing” is no longer an issue as anyone can register in whatever parish they choose. So we officially welcome our long time parishioners and a few new ones along the way.

Also we welcome the community of St. Elizabeth’s in Goshen who are now part of our parish family. The official date for these changes is January 2nd and we will have an official welcoming ceremony shortly thereafter.

Copies of the official decree from the Bishop are available in the Parish Center for those who would like to read it.

Today, Sunday, the Angelus Chorus will again be performing their outstanding Christmas Program for us. The Chorus is now 75 members strong and I’m looking forward to sharing some time in song and prayer with them. The performance will begin at 3pm.

Please check the bulletin for all the other activities we have scheduled during this Advent Season.

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