PASTOR’S CORNER August 28, 2012

Published September 1, 2012 by Our Lady of the Angels in Pastor's Corner

GOOD BY SUMMER! I hope that you found some simple pleasures to delight in during these past few months.  Here’s a “little something” to remind us that we at OLA are sharing God’s Blessings.

A man pulled into a gas station on the outskirts of town. As he filled his tank, he remarked to the attendant, “I’ve just accepted a job in town, what are the people like here?”  “What are the people like where you came from?” asked the attendant.

“Not so nice” the man replied, “In fact, they can be quite rude.” The attendant shook his head. “Well, I’m afraid you’ll find the people in this town to be the same way.”

Just then another car pulled into the station, “Excuse me,” the driver called out, “I’m just moving to this area. Is it nice here?”  “Was it nice where you came from?” the attendant inquired. “Oh, yes! I came from a great place. The people were friendly, and I hated to leave.”  “Well, you’ll find the same to be true of this town.” “Thanks!” yelled the driver as he pulled away.

“So what is this town really like?” asked the first man, now irritated with the attendant’s conflicting reports.  The attendant shrugged his shoulders, “It’s all a matter of perception. You’ll find things to be just the way you think they are.”

This week Scripture calls us to a change in attitude. Our attitude of obedience,  love, forgiveness and openness will show us to be what God invites us and expects us to be: a great nation that is truly wise and full of intelligent people.

We say a grateful “Good by” to all our summer parishioners and send you forth with our blessings and a reminder that our doors are always open to you.

PS. Many people were T-shirts to Mass, if you must, please pick up one of the official parish T-shirts and a hat at the parish center or the upcoming Parish Picnic.

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