PASTOR’S CORNER August 14, 2012

Published August 14, 2012 by Our Lady of the Angels in Pastor's Corner

Want to hear a strange, challenging and scary word? Try “Commitment” on for size. Commitment means to come together to go on a mission. The scripture readings of the past few weeks and also this week remind us that we are to commit to Jesus Christ and journey with him, subsisting on what He has to offer, His own Body and Blood.

The Jews of his time turned away from this invitation, today a majority of Catholic Christians are doing the same but we are challenged to share His mission with our own family and friends. It is somewhat akin to enlisting in the Army and being stationed in you home town. Jesus expects those who are his “disciples” (willing to follow his example and laws) to go about doing good, teaching one another and freeing one another from the grip of Satan and anything or anyone who would hold us captive.

This journey centers on the Eucharist and Jesus’ radical directive: “Unless you eat my body and drink my blood you have no life within you.”

This week our readings ask a simple question that turns us away from foolishness: “how are you going to serve the Lord”? This question is still relevant today. In our daily living how does someone know that we are a Catholic Christian? How do we live the faith we profess, every day.

As we get ready to begin a new school year we are being asked to commit to many things: school events, soccer, ice-hockey, plays, dance, the list goes on and on. The scriptures remind us as parents and educators that the first commitment we made for our children was that of raising them in the faith and teaching them about the love of God. As you dive into your very busy schedules please take the time to schedule some prayer time with your family, dinners with grace before and after meals, perhaps a visit to the Blessed Sacrament and especially the praying of the rosary.

We all want to be healthy and true health begins when we are spiritually right with God. Together we will have a year of renewal and true growth but only if we make a “commitment” to journeying together in the same direction. Please pray for the development of our parish and the infilling of the Holy Spirit.


My deepest thanks to all those who worked so hard at the Peach Festival and the Parish Triduum. Without the your support and commitment  our parish would indeed be just “a clanging cymbal” instead of “a joyful noice”, God bless you and your families.


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