Pastor Corner – January 6, 2013

Published January 9, 2013 by Our Lady of the Angels in Pastor's Corner

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! On behalf of Fr. Cosme, our Staff and myself we wish you all a very blessed and joyful year. Scripture reminds us that the favors of the Lord are not exhausted, they are renewed each morning. As we begin this new year our God promises us that He will journey with us if we but choose to BELIEVE. We must choose to believe not in our own ability to survive, not in our governments programs for betterment, not in our science and technology to make life easier but in the very real presence of the God who created us to share in the Abundant Life. This indeed is the New Year’s Resolution that will bring great blessings to us, not only as individuals but to society as a whole. Our goal as a parish this year will be to evangelize ourselves and then to reach out to the many members of our parish who are not present to us on a regular basis. On this Epiphany Weekend we are reminded that the Wise Men followed the star because they believed it heralded the birth of a “great person” who would change their lives. They trusted it would lead them to fulfillment and true peace. Never in their wildest imaginings would they have thought it would lead them to the Messiah, yet they were willing to risk all in the challenge of discovery. As we continue our journey in this Year of Faith we are all challenged to journey in the Light of Christ to experience total fulfillment and peace. Drop your baggage! Lift your heads! Your redemption is now at hand! Choose to rejoice and believe and then share the coming blessing in the New Year.

Many thanks to John Radzieta and Family who each year donate religious calendars to help remind us of the many opportunities we have to witness as the Church of Jesus Christ.

We are still in the Christmas Season, be counter-cultural, wish everyone you see: Merry Christmas. Remember it is only in the humility of the Christ Child, born in a manger that we can be truly “merry” for the word symbolizes a blessing that comes from outside ourselves and is meant to be passed on – Merry Christmas!!!! Next weekend anyone who put their straw bundle in the crèche will be able to pick it up on the tables by the window. This is a reminder that when St. Francis told the Christmas Story and used the crèche as a backdrop the Baby Jesus appeared in the manger. Everyone who took the blessed straw that night was healed of every infirmity as well as all of their animals. Have faith! Share your faith story!

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