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This week blessings were returned in the form of two pieces of art that are now on display in the Art and Environment Space in the left of the ambo (pulpit). The first is the Navajo cross, a gift from the Navajo people to whom we were able to send boxes of clothing and school supplies last year through the work of Damian Arbuckle. For students who did not own a pencil or pen or a warm jacket these were very timely gifts for the school year. Also we received a statue from Food for the Poor, it depicts the “poor Jesus” waiting for assistance from those who claim to love Him. We have blessed the Food for the Poor program over the years but the gift is indeed the blessing. Thank you!!

The Parish Pastoral Council wants to know you ideas, suggestions and yes – criticisms. We have put a “mail box” up on the wall to the right of the door leading into the Church.
Please use the forms provided for any “mail” that you wish the Council to address.

The Parish Picnic was a huge success. Our thanks to Mary Joan and Jim Piechocki who chaired the events and the many others who worked so hard to make it a true family event.  We do have some boxes of hamburgers left. The boxes contain 40 patties and sell for $30. If you are interested please call the parish center.

Hurricane Irene again showed us the need for more and better means of communication. We have email address for less than half of the parish. If you did not receive email from me recently please call the parish center and give us your email address. Please feel free to sign up for Facebook and sign onto our parish web site for important information.

The Feast of St. Francis is just around the corner (Oct. 4th). We will be blessing all creatures, great and small, outside the Church at 5pm.

The Gospel today reminds us that: the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”
Experience is our best teacher. At the beginning of the parable, Jesus asks us to think, to ponder, to reflect. What dissuades you from your best intentions? Find your patterns. Share them with others. You will find that the same temptations afflict everyone. How do you get back on track? Share your stories: these can be inspirations to others. Whether we fail in our intentions or make a negative first response, there is always a way back. Today’s readings give us hope. They are the very definition of “repent”.

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