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Just a few reminders:
Monday is Halloween: please help keep our children safe and remind them that this is a day of witnessing to the blessings of the saints in our lives and their continuing intercession for us on earth. Perhaps we could re-educate them to say: Blessings for Treats!!!!
Tuesday is the Feast of All Saints: masses will be celebrated on Monday evening at 5pm and on Tuesday at 8am, Noon and 7pm.
Wednesday is the Feast of All Souls: mass will be celebrated at 8am and the Mass of Remembrance for all those who died this past year and their families will be celebrated at 7pm.  Many of our parishioners died this year, please come and support their families.

At a deanery meeting this week (meeting of the pastors and bishop for the parishes of Cape May County) I broached the subject of the Bishop declaring on TV and radio that the obligation to attend mass on Sunday was negated because of inclement weather. (snow storms, hurricanes and the like). He said he would rather have the pastors make that decision. So in the future if there is an evacuation order or a curfew or another major weather event we will not have Mass during that event. I will also send out an email and put an announcement on the parish web site.

My thanks to the Finance Committee for their fine and hard work in putting together this year’s budget. This committee meets several times a year and keeps us on track through their supervision and suggestions. If you have any questions please feel free to call any one of them, this weekend the financial reports are available in the vestibule. I again encourage you to tithe, use the scrip cards, electronic giving and give a cost of living increase each year. All this keep us financially stable in an unstable time. Blessings!!

FYI: As the world’s population reaches the 7 billion mark here’s another tidbit: The first city to reach a population of 1 million people was Rome , Italy (in 133 B.C.) There is a city called Rome on every continent.


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