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As we end the month of October, Rosary Month, and begin November we are reminded that one of our primary duties as Christians is to pray for the living and the dead. Coming up shortly are the Feast of All Saints and Thursday is the Feast of All Souls. These are Feasts of Remembering and Recommitment.  It is imperative that we take the time to fill in an All Souls envelope so that each and every one of these people can be properly remembered. This is an obligation that we must take seriously. Prayers for others now are the pathways of other’s prayers for us later. During November we will offer our “Peace Mass” on Wednesday evenings for all our deceased family members and friends and all those from whom we are estranged. Please make an extra effort to join us.
Especially in light of all the unrest and war in the world we are all reminded of the necessity to “pray without growing weary”. To pray is tell God how much we love Him and vice versa. The greatest witness parents can give to their children is simply to spontaneously pray with them. We often are afraid to pray aloud but Jesus promises that the Holy Spirit will give us the words and the time to pray and witness if we just try God as a “first resort” instead of the last. One of the most powerful prayers we pray is the Rosary. Did you know that in 1571, Turkish Moslems were prepared to invade Europe at Lepanto? They outnumbered the Christian soldiers by 10 to 1 but Pope Pius V order a “Crusade of Rosaries” and the invaders were soundly defeated. Mary promised that World War II and Communism would never have occurred if Christians prayed the rosary daily and it was not until Pope John Paul II and all the bishops of the world dedicated the world to Mary that the Berlin Wall fell and shortly thereafter Communism itself. It is not coincidence!! The Rosary is the antidote to all terrorism.
At Bishop McHugh School our children pray the Rosary every day and the Rosary is the prayer of choice for our Religious Ed program. It is prayed every day before Mass for and in thanksgiving for God’s blessing on our parish, is it any wonder so many wonderful things are happening in the parish. Please join them! Praying at red lights, stop signs and lines in grocery stores are a great place in get in some good prayer time. Scripture this week reminds us: “The one who serves God willingly is heard; his petition reaches the heavens, the prayer of the lowly pierces the clouds; it does not rest till it reaches the Most High God.”
Halloween is a great time to witness to our Faith, dress your children up like the heroes and heroines of old and let the stories of the Saints fill our children’s minds with truth, hope and peace. God Bless!


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