Published November 3, 2011 by Our Lady of the Angels in Pastor's Corner

As one political season winds down and the Presidential race winds up it is interesting to note that the first reading from Wisdom is directed to those who would hold political office.
Every early civilization had a god of Wisdom (Jurojin, Minerva, Athena, etc.) Those of Jewish tradition believed that God’s wisdom was revealed through the Torah. Due to the influence of Hellinisim (Greek Thought) Wisdom was gradually personified as feminine figure who acted in concert with God at creation and who offered a share in her virtues to those who sought her. Although distinct from God, Wisdom is like God – intelligent, powerful and unchanging.
Today’s short reading from Wisdom is presented as advice offered by Solomon to his fellow rulers. The ancient author urged those who would lead others to seek wisdom instead of relying on their own resources or appointed advisors. Wisdom is a gift from God and she graciously frequents places where she can readily be found. People only need to look. Discovering Wisdom sitting at the gates of his city would warm the heart of any ruler, because the gates were the site of commerce as well as the seat of justice. Besides ensuring fair and lucrative trade, the presence of Wisdom would also enlighten the elders of the city who gathered regularly at the city gates to decide upon legal matters set before them.
In this month of All Saints it is equally important that we realize that we have innumerable brothers and sisters in heaven who are more than ready to help us if we but ask. Furthermore we are reminded that a good relationship with Holy Spirit, who is the source of all wisdom, is essential for true spiritual growth.
This month remember to pray for all those in public office and those running for office. Pray especially that they will be blessed with the wisdom of the Holy Spirit and the other gifts necessary to assist us on the way to salvation and that all their judgments will be in accord with God’s Law of Love.


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