Published November 14, 2011 by Our Lady of the Angels in Pastor's Corner

As the liturgical year winds down and the Advent/Christmas season winds up, the sacred texts draw our attention to the ultimate winding down of our lives and our world, and we are reminded that there will be a final reckoning. Each of us has been given unique gifts and abilities that we must put to the best possible use. Discovering our particular talents can be a delightful adventure; helping in translating that delightful discovering into serious, proactive service of God and others. This can be a rather risky enterprise.  Nevertheless, even if our efforts will never be acknowledged as eloquently as those of the worthy wife in the Proverbs reading, our belonging to Jesus calls forth our generosity and perseverance.
In all we are and all we do, we keep in mind that there is no room here for hesitancy or procrastination. God’s gifts cannot be left on the shelf until we retire or find a more convenient moment. On the contrary, these gifts have a very short shelf life, and the precious fragility of life should spark a sense of immediacy that makes us willing to share our gifts and ourselves now. Moreover, we are to praise and foster the talents we see in others. Scripture reminds us that if we make time for God, God will make sure we have the time for all those things that brings blessings and less time for those that don’t.

I often hear a parishioner say: if I win the lottery the Church will be well taken care of. It’s interesting that the people that say this are already taking “well” care of the parish. My thanks to you all! That being said we always have need for greater participation in parish life. Did you know that 28% of the people of Middle Township say that they belong to Our Lady of the Angels Parish but less that 25% of them actually are using their gifts and talents to give back in praise to God. Perhaps the greatest gift we can give as a parish is to invite others to return and use their gifts instead of burying them. Chances are one or more of your neighbors is a Catholic. Invite them to come to Eucharist with you or to another of the many events we sponsor as a parish, your ‘evangelization’ is a true use of the gift of faith.  Blessings!!!!

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