PASTOR’S CORNER May 11, 2011

Published May 12, 2011 by Our Lady of the Angels in Pastor's Corner

Next weekend following the 11:00 mass we will celebrate our annual May Procession. It will be a time well spent as we give honor to our Blessed Mother and thank her for her intercession which brings so many blessings to our parish.

We are also hosting the Angelus Chorus this Sunday at 3:00 pm. These wonderful singers are gracing us with their gifts and talents. Please come out to enjoy and support them and their gift to our parish. Refreshments will follow.

Thirty seven of our youngsters have celebrated First Communion with us over the past two weeks. Please continue to pray for them and encourage them and their families. Many of them will be taking part in the May Procession, again please come and join them as we witness to our faith.

We have started our House of Charity Drive. This is the most important Diocesan endeavor of the year. Through the generosity of the people of the Diocese many thousands of people are blessed. The House of Charity drive avails us all of the obligation and opportunity to live the commands of Jesus. Please Help!

Pastoral Council elections are this weekend, thank you for caring and supporting those who help me to minister to you. Please continue to pray for all those involved in parish leadership programs and committees.

Thought: Perhaps you’ve seen movies where people gain security access by placing an open hand on a sensor, or by having a scan of their eye print. Security technology gives us the ability to recognize individual voices. Our amazing brains can sort through the subtleties of voices to make identification. In today’s Gospel, Jesus uses the example of a shepherd who calls his own flock out from the mixed flocks in the sheepfold. His sheep “follow him because they know his voice.” We hear many voices calling to us in our lives. The voice of God urges us to learn to recognize the voice of the Shepherd, Jesus, as he calls us to follow him and “to have life and have it more abundantly.” How is Jesus calling you today and throughout the week? Repentance? Think about it!

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