PASTOR’S CORNER March 30, 2011

Published April 8, 2011 by Our Lady of the Angels in Pastor's Corner

The readings for today speak to the fact that God’s law must be taught and shared. We can’t respond to Jesus just by being good and going to church. We need to share Christ’s teachings/invitations to a different kind of life. Jesus began His ministry by prophesying that the blind would see, the deaf would hear, etc. and then showed that the “Law of Love” would supersede (fulfill) the all laws – He provided the example of a life lived completely obeying the commandments, bringing them to life. But, Jesus takes it further and calls us to join Him. The law is not just meant to be obeyed. We must share the law and guide others in how to do the same.

These readings hit a parental nerve for many who feel the same because of similar experiences.  We provide the education in the Catholic faith and an example of living that faith to our children, but we have adult sons and daughters who seem to place so little value on what we treasure.  We worry about how they will deal with the bigger crises in life without faith and a personal relationship with the God.  We may see our grandchildren receiving the sacraments that seem to have little meaning to their parents beyond rites of passage.

We pray earnestly for our children and grandchildren.  We try to avoid nagging and moralizing, but continue to provide the example of our trust and faith in God’s love.  We know that the gift of faith that they were given through the sacraments is still there even if they might be ignoring it.  Most of all, we love them and know that God loves them even more. The answer to this dilemma is the same as Jesus’ answer: witness, witness, witness. If our lives are reflect the love of God then our lives will become so attractive that other’s will want what we have. Remember back to the early lives of your children and grandchildren, they always wanted what you had, wanted to wear what you wore, wanted to speak like you spoke. They still do, it is inbred in us. We are “hardwired” by God to have a relationship with him.

Today Jesus brought the blind man into “righteousness” (reformation) and caused others to reflect (repent) on their lives. True repentance and reformation brings joy and the blessings of God. Jesus said to: pray, give alms and fast – How are YOU doing this Lent? Are you choosing to remain in darkness or embracing the LIGHT? Come to the “water” of the sacraments and be renewed!!

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