PASTOR’S CORNER July 31st, 2011

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It wasn’t too many years ago (but long before our time) that the only holidays were religious holidays call ‘Holy Days’. There were usually two a month and four times a year there were “Triduums” (three day celebrations). The purpose of these celebrations were two-fold: one, to have time off (there was no such thing as a forty hour work week) and two: to have a chance to socialize. These special days were mandated by the Popes under penalty of serious sin to those who refused to allow their workers to have time off. Holy Days were among the first of many attempts by the Church to promote ‘social justice’. Since the Church was the central point of celebrating these days always began and ended with Mass and other religious festivals coupled with lots of food and drink.

Next weekend we celebrate our own Parish Triduum with lots of food, fellowship and opportunities for spiritual growth.

Our theme is: Healing For Whatever Ails You!!  We will begin on Friday evening with a Healing Service (not a mass) lead by Msgr. Michael Mannion. The Church will be opened for Adoration during the Triduum, if we have enough people sign up we will offer all night adoration. Fr. Chris will speak at all the masses about God’s healing love as especially experienced through our Blessed Mother’s intercession. The Triduum will end with the celebration of Mass on Monday evening, after Mass we will process around the property, pray the rosary and bless our buildings.   Lest I forget the food and drink segment – The Peach Festival will begin on Saturday afternoon and continue on Sunday morning. The Parish Volunteer party will be held on Sunday evening at Bishop McHugh.

A full weekend to be sure but it will be spiritually and physically rejuvenating for all.

On August 1st we will open the Mass book for Announced Masses. The Bishop has recommended that the donation for an Announced Mass be raised to $15 dollars. It has been 25 years since the donation as been raised. Unannounced Masses will remain at $5 and we will also continue to offer the First Friday Guild Masses (12 First Fridays) for a donation of $25.

My thanks to all those who helped with Fr. Steve’s going away bash! I and we will sorely miss him but this move is certainly God directed and thus a great time for him to flap his wings and experience new sights, sounds and ministries. Go forth Fr. Steve will our blessings, thanks
and love.


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