Published January 14, 2011 by Our Lady of the Angels in Pastor's Corner

When the children returned to school this week there were most likely two questions on everyone’s lips: What did you get for Christmas? And Did you get anything ‘good’?
‘Good’ is one of those subjective multi-definitional words that has the ability to drive most adults crazy and it does the same in the scriptures for this weekend.
Today we celebrate the “Baptism of the Lord”. For almost two thousand years people have speculated on the thirty hidden years of Jesus’ life but there is no doubt that His baptism was the beginning of His public ministry. This ‘baptism’ was an initiation into the ‘good’ relationship with the Father and Spirit in the creation of the Trinity. It required a tremendous sacrifice. Jesus had to leave his old way of life behind and put on the ‘sin’ of the world. In this single moment of time Jesus accepted all the prophecies about the Messiah as his own, He knew the ending: the cross. The words of Isaiah the prophet in the First Reading became the mantra of the rest of His life and the ‘good of the world’ became His only priority.
You and I are also called to recommit to the ‘good’, the relationship of completeness that comes with union with the Trinity. Jesus tells us to ‘repent’, to rethink our lives and make a sacrificial decision to follow Him. We are called to take up our cross (the pain of living a Christian life) and follow Him. This is only possible when we are willing to be an obedient people. Jesus gives us the game plan for this: fast, tithe and pray. His promise is that if we ‘make do’ with less of the things of the world we will experience more of His Kingdom on Earth.
As we begin 2011 it is a ‘good’ time to celebrate the greatest present we and the world have ever received: the experience of a personal God who loves us.
“Did you get the ‘good’ for Christmas? If you have a closer relationship with the Trinity because of your Advent and Christmas celebrations you did! Praise the Lord! Blessings!

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