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 Our thanks to the Ladies Auxiliary of the Knights of Columbus for funding the reupholstering of the five chairs in the Sanctuary. They did a wonderful job in picking the colors and arranging for the work. In line with this we have placed a “Parish Wish List” on the parish web site. If you would like to donate an item in memory of a loved one please call the Parish Center. We are still working on the rugs, replacement is expensive.

 Lent begins on March 9th and we have a full schedule of Lenten events which will help the parish celebrate this Season of Grace. Parish Lenten activities are scheduled on  Wednesdays and Fridays, please make an extra effort to join in these Lenten experiences.

There is a basket in the vestibule for your old palms, please bring them in so that we can use them for this year’s Ash Wednesday services. A full schedule of events will be placed in the bulletin and on the web site.

 On Monday afternoon, March 21st there will be a Diocesan liturgical workshop here at Our Lady of the Angels to discuss the upcoming changes in the Liturgy. All are welcomed to attend but we need to know who is coming. If you would like to attend please call the Parish Center. These new changes will be implemented during Advent of this coming year.

 This weekend we continue Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount”. I explained that the “Sermon on the Mount” was really the “Sermon to the Mind” (Battlefield of the Mind). It is the battle plan for Jesus and His disciples to fight against evil and restore the blessings lost through disobedience as outline in the book of Genesis. Jesus listed the Beatitudes (weapons) and now is explaining how each of these can be used to fight different aspects of evil. Two words used this weekend need to be explained: holy and perfect. The word “Holy” in the Old Testament refers to “being different”. When we say God is “Holy” we are referring to the fact that He is different from all other gods and we too are called to be “Holy”, that is different from all of creation because of our relationship with Jesus. The word ‘perfect’ means to be complete or whole. It refers to the ‘shalom’ of Jesus which is integration of our body mind and spirit with the Trinity.

 Lent is a basic training in the Beatitudes and learning how to be “Holy” and “Perfect” in the ways of the Lord. Prepare: Lift High the Cross, the Love of Christ Proclaim.

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