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            Last Monday night (Dec. 13) on Monday Night Football, Al Michaels wished everyone a joyful “12 Days of Christmas”. To say the least I was surprised. When did the Twelve Days of Christmas begin before Christmas? Now I know for certain that Christmas again has become a “pagan” holiday. This is really no cause for alarm as Jesus told us that only a small remnant would remain faithful and celebrate with Him. As Christians we know that the Christmas season has just begun. There are twelve days of Christmas, each its own gift to remind us how close is the God who loves us unconditionally this is especially seen in the gift that we celebrate this Sunday, the Feast of the Holy Family.

So take a deep breath. Christmas is “unwrapped”, New Year’s is ready to “pop”, and before all the huppla is over its good to have a few days to reflect in thankfulness and hope. As we celebrate the Feast of the Holy Family we pause to ask the question: “What makes a family ‘holy’? The answer lies in our readings from Scripture. Both Sirach and St. Paul remind us that our families are to be a reflection of God’s Divine Love. This love is seen in obedience, forgiveness, thankfulness and above all in praising God with gratitude in our hearts. Mother Theresa of Calcutta used to say that the greatest poverty in the world was the inability to be grateful and thank God, all evil springs from this great sin. As we prepare for the New Year and all the resolutions that go out the window by the end of January perhaps it would be more beneficial if we decide to show that we have ‘holy families’ by trusting in the promises of God as did the original ‘Holy Family’. Each day holds a new invitation to pray and worship together as a family. Each day beckons us with a promise of sanity which comes through believing that in the Spirit we have all we need to live as ‘holy families’. Perhaps a blessing from a Christmas Card says it best:

God Bless your heart’s desires.

                        God Bless the paths you choose.

                        God bless the child in you who sees the adventure        

                        In ordinary experiences, and the wisdom in you

                        That listens to His voice.

                        God Bless you with tiny miracles to reassure you,

                        And Angles to guard you and guide you along your way.

                        God bless wonderful you for you are precious to Him.

                        You are cherished in His sight, filled with His gifts,

                        Blessed by His presence and beloved in His heart.

I behalf of Fr. Antony, Fr. Steve and myself we extend our most profound thanks to all who made this Christmas and Advent season such a blessing and renewing experience. Our Church (both people and buildings) were especially beautiful and I extend a special thanks to our Parish Staff, Arts and Environment and Liturgy Committees with its many sub-committees who certainly went the extra mile to help us all experience the joys of this season.

I love you all and pray daily for you. May each day bring who a renewal of His Blessings!

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