PASTOR’S CORNER – August 31, 2011

Published August 31, 2011 by Our Lady of the Angels in Pastor's Corner

Labor Day began as a dream of equality, our parish began as a dream of service and sharing. Dreams are the driving force behind imagination, creativity, even life itself. When we forget how to dream or neglect to dream we settle for so much less than our Loving Father wants to provide for us. As I look at the possibilities for our parish I see a dream waiting to come true, not just in a new parish center but in the many people who have supported past projects with ideas, time, talent and money. When I mention this, people in the parish are quick to remind me that the parish is “our house” and they are proud to share it. This ‘pride’ is a very positive and holy thing. It is a way of thanking God for the many
blessings which He has bestowed on our parish. It is easy for me to dream for you but it is more important for you to speak of your dreams, even if they take a life time to accomplish. So often we limit ourselves by what we perceive as “reality” or “practical” or “financially feasible.”  If Jesus let himself be led by what the world suggested, demanded or thought was possible he would never have been able to die and rise for us. We in turn would never be able to dream of a world where true peace and justice are the practical reality and His gift of loving service makes all “Holy Things” financially feasible. Each of us is responsible for the continued growth and morale of our parish. Each of us must allow ourselves to
dream. In the near future we will put up a “Dream Catcher” in the Church, a place to put your dreams for our parish even if they may take a life time to accomplish. Our Parish Pastoral Council members have promised to work to fulfill these dreams and provide us with the leadership necessary to help us face the challenge of their fulfillment. As we prepare to begin a new school year I look forward with great expectancy to leading the Parish more deeply into the great breathe and depth of God’s blessings. Scripture challenges us to be pilgrims, to truly leave what we perceive to be most important and journey with the Lord to the Abundant Life.

Just a reminder: Parish Picnic — Sept. 18th.  Ice Cream Social – Sept 7th

On an old grandfather clock:   When, as a child, I laughed and wept, time crept.

When, as youth, I dreamed and talked, time walked.

When I became a full-grown man, time ran.

And later, as I older grew, time flew.

Soon I shall find, while traveling on, time gone.

Will Christ have saved my soul by then?

For those who dare to dream, the answer is always “YES”!!



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