PASTOR’S CORNER April 27, 2011

Published May 2, 2011 by Our Lady of the Angels in Pastor's Corner

This Sunday is sometimes called by the name “Whitsunday”, which is a contraction of White Sunday. That title refers to the ancient tradition that made this the last day that the newly baptized wore their white baptismal garments to church. Every day during the first week of Easter, they met with the bishop for mystagogical catechesis (spiritual debriefing), so this day marked another turning point in their journey.
Today mystagogy continues throughout the Easter season. Since most of the newly baptized and confirmed cannot gather for daily mass during the week, their mystagogical catechesis is to be accomplished at the Masses of the Sundays of the Easter season, concluding with Pentecost. They also meet weekly with the RCIA team to talk about their experiences of Holy Week and to learn more about Catholic Faith. Experience teaches that those who have gone through the RCIA program know much more about the Catholic Faith than most “cradle catholics”. This is an added incentive for all of us to attend Adult Education classes and experiences which deepen our faith and the understanding to our religion. Our prayers and blessings go out to Connor, Mike and Stephanie who will continue in their mystagogical experience during the next few weeks. It is a blessings to have them in our community.
Scripture this week reminds us that the early Church grew rapidly because it “was of one heart and one mind” through the outpouring and use of the gifts of the Spirit. Like Thomas we sometimes doubt that even God can overcome all the divisions and pain that we experience individually or as a parish family but like Spring the message of Jesus is forever new and exciting. As he did with Thomas, Jesus wants to share and help us overcome our pain and sorrow because He truly wishes us to be happy and peaceful.
Certainly for all those who took part in the Holy Week services and all who help them to be so beautiful and moving know the truth of this peace and happiness. My thanks to all who worked so hard to make this another memorable Holy Week and Easter celebration.

Each Wednesday evening at 6:15 we celebrate a Mass for Peace. Please join us.

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