Cape May County Village, Haiti

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 Help us turn chicken wire tree & plastic eggs into chickens laying eggs

Lent 2014:

Help our Social Justice Group turn

chicken wire & plastic eggs into:


and feeding the people of Papaye, Hinche, Haiti.

This will give the residents a constant supply of food, and help them generate an income.


Haiti 2012 brochure

Last project: Water Treatment Unit

Water is one of the most basic elements for good health, and for sustaining life itself.  In Haiti there is a desperate need for potable water.  Since October 2010 Haiti has had to deal with anothea cholera epidemic.

Cholera is a bacterial disease usually spread through contaminated water.  Cholera causes severe diarrhea and dehydration, which, left untreated, can be fatal in a matter of hours.  Thousands of people died in Haiti because of cholera.

Clean potable water is the difference between life and death.

Each water treatment unit can support a community of up to 3,000 people.


A bit of history about Cape May  County Village

Cape MayCountyVillage is in Bord DeMer, near the northern city of Cap Haitien.
Like so many in Haiti, villagers there have struggled with malnutrition and unemployment.  Cholera continues to be a health risk.

In 2006 Our Lady of the Angels Social Justice Committee teamed with Food for the Poor, the third largest international relief and development charity in the United States, to build a house in Bord de Mer.

What began as a project to build one house led to providing homes for 16 families.  With over $160,000 raised to date, the funds have paid for housing and for tuition, books, uniforms, transportation, and a nutritious meal each day for students at Bord de Mer School. In addition, an agricultural project, encompassing 10 acres, has been planted and is being cultivated by villagers. Cows and goats have been purchased for our families.

Want to help?

The Social Justice Committee continues to raise funds for humanitarian support and addresses multiple needs of the community.  Together we are making a difference!  To become involved, learn more, or make a tax deductible contribution, call Betty Canderan(609) 463-0063.
Checks may be made payable to:

Our Lady of the Angels Social Justice Committee, 35 E. Mechanic St., Cape May Court House, NJ 08210.

Phone: 609.780.2326