Marriage Encounter

Date Night for couples – Please join us Friday February 25th at 7:30 pm in St Gabriel’s Hall for our first Date Night. We plan on doing this bi-monthly, so the next one will be April 29th. It should be fun and enriching. You can bring a snack if you’d like. And bring another couple with you. RSVP is appreciated but not required. Call Wendy and Skip Adams 402-7659.

Beginning January 2011, one of the ways our parish will celebrate our Sacrament of Marriage will be to offer a special blessing at a monthly Anniversary Mass.  It will be on the 1st Sunday of each  month at the 9:30 Mass. In the month you were married, please come to this Mass and once again have your Marriage blessed and recognized by our parish family, especially the children, as a  sign of God’s love in the Church.

Starting in February our parish will offer married couples a bi-monthly marriage enrichment opportunity. It will be fun and enriching. It’s a date night. Watch the bulletin and this site for dates and times. Tell your friends!

Marriage Encounter Weekends are a great way to enrich your marriage. It’s an opportunity to get off the treadmill of our busy lives and really focus on each other and your marriage. Weekends are held in Avalon and Vineland. 2011 dates are : Jan 28-30, March 4-6, April 8-10, June 3-5, Sept 23-25, Oct 28-30 and Dec 2-4 with a special session in July for local couples. Call Bob and Michelle for details or questions 465-6117. To register call Mark and Joanne 800-688-9963 or go