Pastoral Council

Parish Pastoral Councils provide a way for pastors to consult their people. The Parish Pastoral Coun­cil is: “to examine and consider all that relates to pastoral work and to offer practical conclusions on these matters, so that the life and activity of the People of God may be brought into greater confor­mity with the Gospel.” In this description, we find three tasks assigned to the Pastoral council: to examine, to consider, and to recommend.

To examine: The object of the Parish Pastoral Council’s ex­amination, “pastoral work,” is left sufficiently un­specified in order to include all that concerns the pastor and his staff in serving the parish. The coun­cil identifies issues and studies them either at the request of the pastor or on its own initiative.

To consider: The Parish Pastoral Council prayerfully ponders the data it has collected from its examination by trying to discern in what direction God is inviting the parish to go, what is behind the data.

To recommend: After the Parish Pastoral Council has examined and  considered any pastoral work, it makes a recommen­dation to the pastor and his staff on what should be done for this parish at this time in its history.

Ex officio members
Fr. John O’Leary
Deacon Ralph Catanese
Deacon George Ferland
Mary Joan Piechocki
Pastoral Council members:   Linda Viventi, Violet Rixey,  Bill Ravenkamp, Clare Herm , Rita Sicilia , Jayne Finocchiaro, Andy Petrella, Don Trappler, Beth Denham, Gene Sicilia